Recording Your Music – old version

If you are a band or solo performer in the Calgary, AB area, I can come to your location – practice space or other space you arrange – and record your band live off the floor. This gets the most natural and energetic performances compared to recording one instrument at a time in a traditional studio.

Some genres are not suitable for on-location recordings, such as heavy metal, hip-hop and most ‘commercial’ style pop. We are not beat makers – but if you are, and if you need a high-quality vocal track we can help you with that as well.

No, these won’t be ‘perfect’ recordings, there will likely be small mistakes and imperfect moments – but that’s what leads to it sounding like real music. Think about Pink Floyd when they recorded The Wall (an all-time great album) and they had to go back in and record a bunch of ‘mistakes’ to make it sound human. When I record my music I like to save time and money by making those mistakes in the first place. 😎

Of course, we can still overdub instruments when there are more noticeable mistakes, but if you’re a decently rehearsed band – the need for corrective measures will likely be very low.

You may also want to sweeten up the sound by overdubbing additional guitar, keyboard or other instruments, which is totally doable. And we’ll most likely record the final vocals separately as well with the best mic for the job. I also have a project size studio with some great outboard gear and in-the-box effects to get fantastic vocal sound.

While tracking your tunes we can also include photography and videography

Other Services

Along with recording, I can help you get your songs distributed online, CD-Reproduction, and properly register your music with the myriad of services available. As well, I have lots of experience with setting up websites and social media for creative people.

Here are a few of the songs I have produced and recorded: