Need some help setting up your audio system for live or recording? Need to learn how to record music? Need some help getting your music out into the world more effectively?

We’re here for you.

Neil Speers is a skilled audio tech with over four decades of experience. He believes that good sound doesn’t have to cost an immense amount of money, but is achieved through good choices and proper setup. Neil is also a performing musician which brings an understanding of the actual needs of musicians as well as the needs of the audience for their enjoyment of music.


  • Been the sound man for approximately 20 bands he’s played in
  • Been the sound man for many other bands
  • Done sound mixing for the MountainStock festival in Kelowna, BC
  • Purchased several complete PA systems both analogue and digital
  • Been the lead tech for a Calgary based Audio Visual company for audio and video production
  • Has a had home recording studios since 2000
  • Volunteered for The DropIn Centre for their Friday concerts
  • Volunteered at the Bell Studio/National Music Center as an audio tech
  • Has released around 60 songs as singles and albums from his studio
  • Helps musicians with PA systems and recording equipment
  • Experienced instructor both privately and through corporate training companies